PIVX current and historical prices in GBP, EUR and USD


In the last 7 days, the price of the cryptocurrency PIVX has fallen by 36.20%. Track the current and historical PIVX prices in an interactive chart.

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Current as of Sep 29, 2022, 7.01 pm
1 PIVX = 0.28101 GBP 1 000 GBP = 3,558.64757 PIVX
100 PIVX = 28.10056 GBP 100 000 GBP = 355,864.76 PIVX
Currently in circulation: 70,243,992 PIVXThe maximum amount of PIVX in circulation: 70,243,992

Both rise and fall of the price is an opportunity for trading. Thanks to CFD brokers, it is possible to trade even falling prices. For a trader, the worst are stable prices where it is not possible to “jump on the wave and ride it.”

Josef Kuchař, forbino.com owner

Jumping on the wave means trading in the direction of the trend. Put simply, when the price is falling – trade fall; when it is rising – trade rise.

How to navigate the chart?

You can see a currency symbol in the top left corner (currently PIVX/USD), on its right side, there are intervals 1 m, 30 m, 1 h representing the length of one candle which is freely adjustable by clicking on the triple dot (on the right of the time intervals).

Market value and the current PIVX price

Current price 0.2810 GBP / 0.3045 USD / 0.3136 EUR
Total market value 19,780,627 GBP / 21,431,704 USD / 22,077,120 EUR
Price change in the last 24h -21.17%
Price change in the last 7 days -36.20%
Updated Sep 29, 2022, 7.01 pm

In the last 24h, the price of the cryptocurrency PIVX has decreased by 21.17%. Overall, it can be said that there is a decreasing trend because the value of the cryptocurrency PIVX has decreased by 36.20% in the last 7 days. The total market value of the cryptocurrency PIVX as of Jan 12, 2022, is 21,431,704 USD (roughly 19,780,627 GBP), which makes it the 661th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

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Historical prices

DatePIVX/USDPrice in GBPChange in 24h
Sep 28, 20220.3813 USD
(0.3519 GBP)
Sep 27, 20220.3771 USD
(0.3481 GBP)
Sep 26, 20220.3555 USD
(0.3281 GBP)
Sep 25, 20220.3945 USD
(0.3641 GBP)
Sep 24, 20220.4018 USD
(0.3708 GBP)
Sep 23, 20220.3923 USD
(0.3621 GBP)
Sep 22, 20220.4291 USD
(0.3960 GBP)
Sep 21, 20220.4503 USD
(0.4156 GBP)
Sep 20, 20220.3768 USD
(0.3478 GBP)
Sep 19, 20220.4341 USD
(0.4006 GBP)
Sep 18, 20220.3600 USD
(0.3323 GBP)
Sep 17, 20220.4588 USD
(0.4235 GBP)
Sep 16, 20220.3789 USD
(0.3497 GBP)
Sep 15, 20220.3111 USD
(0.2872 GBP)

Trade CFD cryptocurrencies via XTB

You can open a demo account or a real money account.  79% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Frequently asked questions

1️⃣ What will be the price of PIVX in a day/week/month?

Predicting the PIVX price correctly is not easy. However, we prepared a technical analysis which will help you to identify whether it is better to sell or buy this cryptocurrency.

2️⃣ Can I make some money from falling prices?

Yes, you can speculate on the price fall via CFD. You can try out everything for free, you just need to choose a broker and open a demo account.

3️⃣ Is PIVX worth trading or do you recommend another cryptocurrency?

Realistically, we cannot evaluate whether or not PIVX is worth trading. Each cryptocurrency is specific and it is important to know everything that affects its price. However, we believe it is always safer to trade cryptocurrencies with a higher market capitalisation. Generally, they do not experience the same fluctuations in prices as those with a lower market cap.

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