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We have prepared a list of cryptocurrencies for you and individual articles about virtual currencies.

You will find out where to buy them, what their exchange rates are and how they work. Using our calculator, you can even convert their price.

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Where to get actual and historical prices of cryptocurrencies?

You can watch out actual and historical exchanges rates of cryptos at our website.

in 24h
in 7 days
Market capInformation
1.Bitcoin48 185,01 GBP
(66 635,25 USD)
4.98%16.83%908 254 949 161 GBP
(1 256 029 393 132 USD)
Price graph BTC
2.Ethereum2 981,06 GBP
(4 122,51 USD)
8.06%17.14%351 786 315 693 GBP
(486 486 699 599 USD)
Price graph ETH
3.HEX0,21496 GBP
(0,30 USD)
-9.59%-17.46%61 551 549 595 GBP
(85 119 883 526 USD)
Price graph HEX
4.Binance Coin364,65318 GBP
(504,28 USD)
4.4%10.56%55 949 793 063 GBP
(77 373 192 067 USD)
Price graph BNB
5.Cardano1,58524 GBP
(2,19 USD)
3.53%1.61%50 642 691 904 GBP
(70 033 980 698 USD)
Price graph ADA
6.Tether0,72297 GBP
(1,00 USD)
-0.04%-0.15%50 495 716 256 GBP
(69 830 727 489 USD)
Price graph USDT
7.XRP0,83024 GBP
(1,15 USD)
5.57%3.69%38 920 136 336 GBP
(53 822 811 831 USD)
Price graph XRP
8.Solana125,52888 GBP
(173,59 USD)
11.69%19.54%34 339 181 105 GBP
(47 487 790 563 USD)
Price graph SOL
9.Polkadot32,17221 GBP
(44,49 USD)
7.71%9.18%27 431 563 506 GBP
(37 935 218 625 USD)
Price graph DOT
10.Dogecoin0,18395 GBP
(0,25 USD)
4.7%11.45%24 240 293 734 GBP
(33 521 998 924 USD)
Price graph DOGE
11.USD Coin0,72385 GBP
(1,00 USD)
0.07%0.04%18 334 276 721 GBP
(25 354 544 431 USD)
Price graph USDC

The table was updated on 20.10.2021 19:01

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What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual money usually based on „blockchain“.

In IT, Blockchain is a special type of a distributed decentralised database containing an ever-growing number of records which are protected from an unauthorised intervention both from the outside and from the side of peer-to-peer network nodes. The most common application of blockchain technology is the use of a cryptocurrency ledger (e.g. Bitcoin) which contains transactions made by its users. The combination with cryptography enables to ensure linearizability of the operations and stop unauthorised transactions.

Very simply said, it’s virtual money in the network which can’t be affected by a third party and which is not possible to be traced down to the original owner.

What are virtual currencies good for?

Cryptocurrencies are primarily used for buying and selling goods, however, a whole range of cryptocurrencies have more functions, such as Ethereum which can be used for connecting applications to the network for utilising so-called „smart contracts“.

Where are they used?

To a certain extent, virtual currencies are associated with illegal activities such as money laundering, financing terrorism, supporting illegal activities on the internet (e.g. torrent server donations). However, you can also use them for selling and shopping for completely ordinary things and services. The most widely spread currency, as you surely know, is BitCoin which can be used for payments in thousands of shops all over the world.

How to make money on cryptocurrency trading?

The foundation of it is to correctly determine whether the price of the cryptocurrency will rise or fall. You can earn or lose both on the fall and on the rise of the price if you trade using CFD brokers (Plus500 72% of retail CFD accounts lose money. ). That’s a huge advantage in comparison to buying and selling the currency over online stock exchanges.

74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

How to correctly forecast the exchange rate?

Monitoring events concerning cryptocurrencies can help when correctly forecasting the exchange rate, to do so, you can use various economics magazines. I can recommend from the foreign ones. Focus on the currency you want to trade with but also on other currencies associated with it. Most exchange rates are partially dependant on Bitcoin or Ethereum rates, so it’s good to obtain information about them as well.

Also, regularly check our website as we are going to continuously update it with articles about cryptocurrency trading for beginners.

Where and how to buy cryptocurrencies?

Basically, you have three options:

  1. You can buy them on cryptocurrency stock exchange (CoinBase, Bittrex etc.).
  2. Buy the cryptocurrency directly on the official website of the respective cryptocurrency if it enables it.
  3. Do not buy the virtual currency directly (Plus500 72% of retail CFD accounts lose money. ) – my tip, but trade it via CFD (contract for difference), this will enable us to speculate also about the price fall.

Is it worth buying starting cryptocurrencies?

The problem of new cryptocurrencies is that you usually don’t know what you are actually buying and often not even from who. As a matter of fact, you are only buying the marketing of a certain company. Yes, most cryptocurrencies have a sort of “awesome” idea why to buy it, but you need to take into consideration that there are thousands of cryptocurrencies and every single one is “awesome”. Is it worth the risk?

Often, the developers of new currencies just copy the BitCoin source code, make a few adjustments to the code and the world sees a new currency. They can continue by pre-mining a large amount of the currency for themselves, followed by launching an aggressive marketing campaign. If they manage to run the project, it will be just them who will earn the most money out of it. Naturally, this situation does not apply to every project, but the point is that you can never be sure with starting projects. 

What virtual currencies to trade with/buy?

I personally trade with cryptocurrencies, so I have a great deal to tell you. I consider myself a fairly conservative person if it can be said about someone who trades with cryptocurrencies.

I can imagine someone meaningfully trading with roughly the first 100 cryptocurrencies (ordered by the total market value). Personally, I don’t recommend trading with other cryptocurrencies but it’s up to you, of course.

Based on my bad experience, I only trade with some of the first ten most valued cryptocurrencies, I have good experience namely with BitCoin, Ripple, BitCoin Gold and Dash.

Author of the article: Josef Kuchař – the owner of, last updated Jan 14, 2020.

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